a few fingers that were not chewed. This discovery made everyone present can not help feeling terrified. Seeing that their red eyes are gone, cannibalism will cause red-eye madness. In fact, it is hard to escape. After finishing talking, Richard rinsed his fingertips with clean water, and gave a word to the soldiers present. It is better not to let the civilians know this kind of news. The more turbulent the situation, the more it is necessary to maintain internal stability. There were even vicious incidents in which herders who went out to graze were robbed and slaughtered and their livestock were looted, which once caused a large-scale panic among the people. Compared to normal times, Richard was extremely silent that day, and set off with the centaur when the sun went down, and did not return until noon the next day. They were covered in blood, their clothes were soaked in sweat, and they were exhausted, but each of them carried a few heads of jackals that did not close their eyes to death. These heads were inserted on the surrounding spire wooden stakes to warn the bandits, and the last-minute fear remained in their eyes until they were pecked by crows or dried. The leaders did not comment on this, but silently shrank the living area and began to spontaneously organize sentry or help the centaur blacksmith to forge weapons. They are actually very scared, afraid that Lord Lord will choose to withdraw to Coron temporarily, because they are all natives of the wilderness, and it is impossible to be accepted by the Pompeii Empire even temporarily. Once they were left behind, they simply didn’t have the courage to imagine the result. In fact, the civilians didn’t know that Richard received a letter sent by Noble Yuan with a letter falcon a few days ago. The load that the letter falcon can carry on a long-distance flight is very limited, so the space of the letter is precious. How to convey as much information as possible within a limited space is even a knowledge worthy of the essays. However, the grou

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