h a face-saving person, and wants him to admit that he has miscalculated with all his eyes in full view. It is better to expect solar energy to appear from the west in the morning. So Richard decided to bite the bullet and move on. Stopping on the road, more than two months later, the lord finally found the Chaohu channel by following the album. Saitos is right. There are many demonized subordinates of the Titans here-the whole towering dark red stone mountain is taken out of dense caves and passages, like an ant tide magnified countless times, countless demonization The subordinates shuttled back and forth like worker ants. Mammoths, berserkers, tree spirits-they may not have much intelligence, but their extremely strong bodies and bloodthirsty instincts can still bring good combat effectiveness. A huge amber eye was still floating directly above the mountain. As soon as Richard was sitting on the hydrogen balloon and appeared in his field of vision, the eye immediately turned slightly to lock his pupil firmly on him. Obviously, this thing should be able to play a certain role in detection, and in all likelihood is the creation of Titan. For a while, it’s not that easy to get in. And if it drags on for a long time, it may produce new variables. The road home is not as smooth as originally thought. But in the face of such a dilemma, Lord Lord just smiled lightly, showing calmness and calmness, without any smoke. He has this capital-in the vast land he has traveled through in the past two months, there are countless sand spiders everywhere. When Qiqiu transforms into flight, he will always fall into madness on the spot, chasing the air and never can The goal reached will remain unswerving until death. After two months of accumulation, the number of sand spiders gathered behind Richard’s ass is almost beyond the limit that words can describe. They are densely distributed, completely covering every inch of land in the field of vision! Lord Lord originally thought these ghosts were very annoying, but now

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